Borne of base materials concrete is a material of high compressive strength that can be controlled, moulded and appropriated to stunning effect. It is a unique, omni-form material whose change in state can be exploited to fantastic effect.

Concrete countertops + worktops

At w+r we specialise in creating hand-trowelled and cast in-situ concrete countertops and worktops. Each w+r countertop is bespoke and tailored to the specifications of each individual client. Pouring in-situ means that countertops can be produced seamlessly without the need for joints. Floor return panels can also be incorporated into the joint free design. The beautiful patina produced by the hand trowelled method is a product of the process that provides a stunning natural aesthetic and is truly unique for each surface.

Other applications

Our methodlogy and design ethos allows for a flexibility of application. Due to its strength, longevity and ability to be moulded into any conceivable shape, concrete has many applications. As well as high end countertops and worktops w+r harness the versatility of the material and exploit its qualities to produce cast in-situ concrete benches, hearths, mantels, tables, exterior furniture and other architectural or interior design features.

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Project: Hopefield Avenue, London, W1
Architect: Dow Jones Architects
Photographer: Elsa Gomez-Garcia
Product: Cast In-Situ Concrete Wall and Floor
Hopefield Avenue, London, W1 -