Concrete repair and remedial work

w+r carry out repair and remedial work to architectural and visual fair-faced concrete surfaces.

We produce high quality sympathetic repair that maintains the individual nuances of each unique visual concrete surface with the aim not to detract from the intended fair-faced concrete design and aesthetic.

Typical types of repair and remedial work that we carry out include:

Patch repairs to blowholes / Remodelling of edges and arrises / Filling of areas of honeycombing, grout loss and sand runs / Colour matching or correcting of areas displaying hydration staining, water staining, differential curing and rebar ghosting / Construction damage repair / Cleaning or camouflaging of stains / Tie hole repair and filling / Remodelling and repair of boardmark finish surfaces / General repair and cleaning.

w+r also carry out repair, maintenance and refurbishment to our own concrete countertops and surfaces. Should damage occur in the form of chipped edges or staining for example and restoration is required, or your concrete surface requires a general spruce up, we can carry this out to great effect.

If you have any queries with regard to concrete repair or would like to arrange a site visit, please contact us for more information.

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Project: St Paul Street
Architect: Plastik Architects
Product: External White Concrete Table and Planter Wall
St Paul Street -